Timeless Elegance

Aleksandra Vali reconstructs metal surfaces, experiments with contrasts, shifts balance points, and creates jewelry with an extraordinary sense of movement.

Timeless Elegance

About the Artist

Aleksandra is a recognized fine artist with a unique sense of style and a well-defined signature that carries through all her wearable sculptures. Her aesthetic philosophy is anchored in real feelings and raw emotion expressed through dynamic forms and carved into metal.


Aleksandra Vali has taught workshops internationally in Canada, Australia, Russia, and the US. She enjoys helping aspiring artists develop and refine their creative voice and improve their technical expertise to realize their artistic dreams.

Upcoming workshops will be posted soon.

Karlette Murray
Kristina Favia
Bruce Norstrom

Enter the Studio

Welcome to Aleksandra Vali's studio! Check out the process of creating jewelry pieces from concept to metal.

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