In addition to jewelry creation, Aleksandra Vali has these creative features:

Jewelry Workshops

Aleksandra has had a vast teaching experience. Not every artist is capable of passing their knowledge on and not to forget to mention the elements which are crucial in creation of jewelry. Aleksandra has been invited to hold jewelry workshops places such as Sydney Jewelry School /Australia/, Chicago Jewelry School and Evanston Art Center. If you are interested, please send your offers in.

All the photos used on the website were taken by the artist herself in her home photography studio. She has an acute sense of composition and art vision of the subject's gist. Other artists started asking if she would be willing to photograph their pieces as well. That's how photography has become a part of creative services that Aleksandra provides.​ 

Aleksandra Vali's shots have been published in books, magazines and have received awards.

Decoration Workshops


Aleksandra Vali's interests in other areas of art have grown into popular Decoration Workshops: Art Lampshades, Flower Arrangements, Centerpiece, Dessert Decoration, Art Treats, Gift Wrap, Felting, Wall Clocks, Collage.