Forgotten in Time Collection


Every new day becomes history. These works of art highlight the forgotten wisdom of the past civilisations and remind beauty is timeless.


“I was captivated by archaeological treasures, weathered with time and brought to the ideal state by nature itself. This is precisely what I attempt to convey by showing the opulence of surface textures.“

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​© Copyright  Aleksandra Vali 2021, Chicago IL

Aleksandra Vali unique jewelry
LR249.....Le Mirage.....

One of a Kind Ring 2" x 1.25" x 1.25" Oxidized Sterling silver, shell, diamonds, carving, casting, smithing. Sometimes love isn't meant to last... It's the sort of feeling you get Watching a mirage fade away Into the distant crimson horizon Somehow the opening of the eyes Brings this soul closer to enlightenment Even though it's only just a mask That has been torn away...

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