Measures of Value Collection

As time flies by, important things still retain their true value.

Inspired by archeological findings and legends from Asia, this collection is extraordinary, with a lot of strongly masculine energy and vigor. It’s a travel through time and space, for the discovery of humanity’s oldest traditions and values, still alive today.


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Aleksandra Vali unique jewelry
Sold.....Berkutchi Instincts.....

Pendant 81mm x 12mm x 10mm Antique micro caliper, brass, bone, silver Berkutchi hunting is an ancient nomadic tradition that is still very present today. While barbaric and physical, it nurtured fine attributes of character that are of high value. It taught humanity courage, creativity, and how to provide for the loved ones. These simple qualities are the essence of our lives. This rough and strong metal and delicate bone are reminders of our hunter instincts, standing the test of time.