Measures of Value Collection

As time flies by, important things still retain their true value.

Inspired by archeological findings and legends from Asia, this collection is extraordinary, with a lot of strongly masculine energy and vigor. It’s a travel through time and space, for the discovery of humanity’s oldest traditions and values, still alive today.


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Aleksandra Vali unique jewelry
Sold.....Spice Trail.....

Pendant 69mm x 28mm x 11mm Watchmakers tool-antique mini caliper, brass, copper, silver Spice routes created an intricate map connecting India to the West, and, for many, a path to prosperity. Precious spices were scarce and measured with great care, capable of changing one's fortune and life. Following unknown roads in search of spices was one of the most dangerous explorations, but showed that determination and persistence can guide us through the worst labyrinths of fear.