Measures of Value Collection

As time flies by, important things still retain their true value.

Inspired by archeological findings and legends from Asia, this collection is extraordinary, with a lot of strongly masculine energy and vigor. It’s a travel through time and space, for the discovery of humanity’s oldest traditions and values, still alive today.


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Aleksandra Vali unique jewelry
Sold.....Testament of Inari Ōkami...

93x38x12mm In Japanese mythology, one of the main prosperity and agriculture gods is portrayed as a rice grower, called Inari. According to one legend, every spring, he descends from the mountains to cultivate rice and, after the harvest, climbs back to the mountains for winter. The delicate rice grain has been a symbol of life and the key to prosperity. The path to prosperity is through hard work and perseverance, which are the true attributes of value, recognized and admired by generations.