Measures of Value Collection

As time flies by, important things still retain their true value.

Inspired by archeological findings and legends from Asia, this collection is extraordinary, with a lot of strongly masculine energy and vigor. It’s a travel through time and space, for the discovery of humanity’s oldest traditions and values, still alive today.


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​© Copyright  Aleksandra Vali 2021, Chicago IL

Aleksandra Vali unique jewelry
Sold.....Grace of Caishen.....

Pendant 55mm x42mm x15mm Ancient Chinese coin, old brass watchmaker’s holder, silver chain, rose quartz Some of the most ancient coins known to us today come from China, and this is a very precious one. Through the prism of centuries, currency is a measure of value... Time continuum wraps into coils and as patterns fade away, true values that form our soul are here to stay. The Chinese god of wealth and prosperity, Cashien, promises luck if obedience is shown through loyalty and perseverance.