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Recollection Collection


We all have those memories that live in our minds as flashes of light that we would never forget. They are embraced by a thin lace layer of feelings. The lace is made of gentle threads of cinnamon smell, warm sun on your back, a voice calling you... Together these threads feed our brightest recollections of the past. Our memories are priceless.

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Fine Line Collection


Soft feminine lines, gentle like waves, compose this jewelry, full of elegant movement. Silver creates the perfect metallic glow, while finest precious stones accents add to the show. Blue topaz pours in the freshness of water essence. This jewelry takes surprising curves, creating fine lines full of peace and harmony.


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Succulent Collection

This ripe and enticing jewelry will undoubtedly attract interested looks.


Red is the color of energy, strength, power, and it ignites us with passion, desire, and love. The stunning blood-red corals blossom with a lot of symbolic meaning. These wearable works of art often become a talking piece and a start to a new acquaintance.


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Forgotten in Time Collection


Every new day becomes history. These works of art highlight the forgotten wisdom of the past civilisations and remind us that beauty is timeless.


I was captivated by archaeological treasures, weathered with time and brought to the ideal state by nature itself. This is precisely what I attempt to convey by showing the opulence of surface textures.

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Pearl Pod Collection

A pearl is a symbol of purity and unblemished perfection, all the best within us. Rare, pure and precious, pearls emerge flawless from a clumsy shell.

As a jeweler, I strive to preserve the pure beauty of pearls. A seed pod represents a vessel for something delicate and precious, and I was always intrigued by the variety and sophistication of seed pod shapes. Amalgamating the two organic concepts sparked the idea of creating a pearl pod. This jewelry has soft organic lines, which makes it ever so elegant and feminine.

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Chocolate Dessert Collection

Just as seductive as delicious chocolate, this jewelry is hard to ignore. Greek lava adds heat to the feast, while pearls sugar coat the whole experience. Precious stones and metals mix and mingle with each other like ingredients in a luscious chocolate dessert.
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Measures of Value Collection


As time flies by, important things still retain their true value.

Inspired by archeological findings and legends from Asia, this collection is extraordinary, with a lot of strongly masculine energy and vigor. It’s a travel through time and space, for the discovery of humanity’s oldest traditions and values, still alive today. 

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