Aleksandra Vali unique jewelry

Old Ancient pieces,

Ruins hiding forgotten secrets

Always moving forward,

Leaving behind the fossils of the past

Resonating through time.


But although we can no longer see the island, we can still hear the

temple bells when the ocean sets them swinging down below.


There was an earthquake, and the island was swallowed up by the sea.


he had heard the temple bells set ringing by the motion of the waves.

Sounds Through Time /Calendar from Atlantis/

Gift Wrap
    • Materials: oxidized sterling silver, 24k goldplating, gems
    • Dimensions: maxi 4” x 1.5” x 1.5”
    • Techniques: carving, casting, forging, fabricating


    For centuries people have been mesmerized with the mystery of the Atlantis. A civilization so prosperous and advanced, yet swallowed by the sea in a single day. Nobody has been able to prove the existence of this legendary island, however most of us truly believe. Maybe, although we can not see the island, we can still hear the Atlantis temple bells when the ocean sets them swinging down below.


    Aleksandra Vali's Sounds Through Time bells collection is a representation of the ancient Atlantis calendar. Although the calendar seems simple at a first glance, it is not so easy to interpret because of all the symbols and codes. This is Aleksandra's vision of the Fossils that have never been found. The bells are now weathered by time, but are just as precious as they were the first day they appeared on the Atlantis.

    Made in the USA


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Aleksandra Vali unique jewelry