Aleksandra Vali unique jewelry

Temptation can take on many forms... there is almost always an element of duality and inner struggle. The good vs. the bad... the appearances and the reality... the unknown exciting and the familiar comfortable. What will surface and overtake?...

Temptation Pendant

SKU: TN130
    • Materials: sterling silver,18k gold
    • Dimensions: 1.5'' x 1.75'' x 0.25''
    • Techniques: carving, casting, fabricating


    This cast pendant is available in a variety of metal options, each with its own individual character. Neck wire is available in either 16''L or 18''L

    Another option: 18k Vermeil goldplated over silver 

    Made in the USA

​© Copyright  Aleksandra Vali 2021, Chicago IL

Aleksandra Vali unique jewelry