Recollection Collection

We all have those memories that live in our minds as flashes of light that we would never forget. They are embraced by a thin lace layer of feelings. The lace is made of gentle threads of cinnamon smell, warm sun on your back, a voice calling you... Together these threads feed our brightest recollections of the past. Our memories are priceless. 

Wearable Sculptures 

Sleep of Mind
III Recollection Ring
Sleep of Mind
II Recollection Ring
Recollection Earrings
II Recollection Pendant
III Recollection Earrings
Vivid Recollection Pendantra_Vali_40
III Recollection Pendant
II Recollection Ringndra_Vali_46b
Recollection Earrings
Recollection Pendant